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Chilly night, Blanket on the ground mountain high. Shooting stars with wine and cheese. You bring desert.

Reminiscent of the fading coals of the afterglow.The raging lusty inferno has consumed us wholly, leaving us spent, exhausted. Our once ravenous hunger has been fed, an engorged carnal feasting of one another's bodies. We lie in the sated ashes of yearning fulfilled, but we both know that just beneath the embers lies the phoenix of desire waiting only to be stirred, unleashed to roar again, to devour with a simple touch or a tender kiss. That hungry pussy looks kinda like a venus fly trap that's about to snap shut over that material and try to swallow it.Like I wish it would my cock! Beautiful picture, nice lighting, your skin always looks so smooth and nice.And oh.Have I ever mentioned.Oh yeah, I have. The only music I need is the sound of your angelic voice, the only wine I need is your saliva mixing with mine, the only color I need is the hue of your glorious eyes, and the only warmth I need is from your gorgeous tanned curves held against mine. You're perfect and I love you :D. I'd love to meet that pussy in the playground I must tell you after you play in my playground you would be very well satisfied. My playground is a must see adventure. Ok- geographically and professionally I may be understanding this. Embers and wine country. The rest is nature :)